Workplace Change Consultancy

Prisma have supplied large numbers of workplace change specialists over the past twenty years or so.

Many of these were directly onto the client side.

However, in recent years a procurement driven approach in many large organisations has resulted in the centralisation of supply of both the recruitment process and the FM process.

The upshot for specialist areas like design and workplace change is that they have been lumped in with TFM contracts or other unsuitable vehicles, often with service providers who know nothing about either area.

At the same time inflexibility in recruitment policy has meant that larger clients have been unable to secure the services they need by traditional methods.

The solution has been to engage specialist suppliers, who often sit under or alongside the ‘tiers one’ providers to provide specialist consultancy. However, while experts in their fields; these firms often lack the financial resources or expertise to manage large numbers of weekly paid contractors in an increasingly slow paying market.

Prisma is able to bridge this gap by partnering with various specialist consultants and suppliers who provide the technical expertise while Prisma manages both the sourcing of personnel and funding for these specialist services.