Prisma Workplace

Prisma Workplace – Unlocking a wealth of workplace talent

In these uncertain times, all occupiers face an unknown future post Covid.

Workplace will change; that much is certain.

Prisma Workplace is a division of Prisma Recruitment Limited and was established to meet a demand for specialist workplace change consultancy embracing strategy, design/construction and moves.

This can either compliment the end user’s own in-house team, sit alongside a TFM provider who lacks the specialist workplace skills or provide input while it is needed for the duration of a one off project or move.

Prisma Workplace can locate and supply both individuals to direct projects for a finite period and/or partner with other workplace specialists to provide a full workplace consultancy programme. This covers a variety of activities including, utilisation surveys, Data and CAD/space planning, refurbishment, consolidation of expansion re-stacks, furniture upgrades, new ways of working, moves/relocations, lease terminations, re-branding, coordination and project management.

The service can be tailored to the client’s needs in the most cost-effective way and is completely flexible.  For example, we can supply a small team of named individuals for planning stages, then coordinate a number of other specialist and contractor firms for the delivery stages and finally provide a reduced resource for the final stages and ongoing input.

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Prisma also provides other specialised consultancy for;-

Merger & Acquisitions 


Management Consulting and Training