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Company information and details are contained in our about pages accessible from the Menu bar (about) or here


For the online application system to work the system does place a harmless cookie in the local PC cache. All the time this remains the job search section will recognise a returning user. If the cookies are deleted (manually or by routine cleanups) the system will ask the user login again before applying online.


Details of the services we provide and the sectors we cover here.


Details about us, and about various issues of interest are contained in these pages accessible from the top menu bar or here.


The jobs section allows searching and a streamlined application process. The jobs can be viewed all together or by title and/or location.  Viewers can apply online by phone or direct email. No registration is required to view jobs.

Users who wish to use the online application are asked to register a name and email address. This is used to create a database entry which allows the collection and application of several jobs in one go. Users can also opt to receive job alert emails. 


The law requires that all candidates are made aware and accept the conditions under which their job applications are managed. Details here


Details of our consultancy service specialising in corporate introductions, mergers and acquisitions within architecture and workplace change is here.


Prisma Recruitment Limited advises against the use of these tax avoidance vehicles. More details here.


The law is becoming increasingly more stringent and placing greater responsibilities (and penalties) on employers and employment agencies with regard to ensuring candidates have legal working status. Details here.