Return to normal?

Thursday, April 30, 2020

As thoughts turn towards what a return to normal looks like; several things are becoming clear.


1) Workplaces must, in the short term at least, adopt social distancing in the same way it has been adopted in food retailing. Re-planning of desk layouts, common areas, walkways and toilets will need to be put in place.

2) Working from home has exposed what is possible, but also what isn’t. Video conferencing has to improve. The problems resulting from the lack of ‘the team’ must be borne in mind in future planning.

3) Health and safety policy will very quickly focus on the inherent risk of all technology requiring touch controls and biometric identity recording. Everything from thumbprint scanners to keypad locks will be under scrutiny.


While the near-term future is unclear to all of us, it is likely that the above and a whole lot more will need to be addressed sooner or later.


As the longest stablished and leading recruitment provider in corporate workplace and design, we can help. We can supply space planning and workplace experts on a short or long-term basis to assist with this work. We can also supply architects and designers to address longer term design issues. These can be individuals or specialist consultancies, depending on your needs.