Opportunities for Designers

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Government have now announced a partial re-opening of offices and factories with shops, schools and other workplaces sure to follow over the next few weeks.


This presents an opportunity for all Architects and Designers who are the obvious choice for many occupiers to consult with regard to re-organising their workplaces to be safe for returning staff.


Because we specialise in workplace change recruitment, we have a large number of individuals and consultancies available who can assist you formulate a method in which you can offer this service to your clients. These experts can help to enable you to advise your clients on how to achieve these changes safely and to comply with the statutory obligations required. The cost for this could be less than £500.00.


These experts are also well versed in the management of individual and team behaviour (usually during the moves and changes process) and have an in-depth knowledge of where the new guidance can be implemented and how it might conflict with existing health and safety policy in occupied buildings. They can advise you on how to plan for the concerns of workers and management as well as the physical changes to the workplace and common facilities.


We anticipate a few hours consultancy will be sufficient to provide a template that can be used to produce a comprehensive risk assessment and plan the required changes. This can be billed on an hourly or day rate basis after your approval of the time. You can then adapt and use the template for any of your clients looking to re-open, without further charge from us.


Our workplace consultants can also provide more extensive assistance for location specific changes if needed. They can also assist when occupiers start to reappraise their longer term space requirements post crisis.


If this is of any interest, please feel free to ring/email for more information.